Psychic inpowerment

What does it mean to be psychic?.....We are all born with a psychic energy .some people are just more in touch with there psychic power then others And are able to see the past present or future,did the phone every ring and u know who it is before u pick up ,that is not a coincidence . or caller id lol . Or see a dream and within a few days something will happen and you say to yourself oh now i under stand what that dream ment. Its not intuition we all have a six sence .I Was born with a strong PSYCHIC ability .and i was able to give tarot card readings by age 9 even doe i was reading at a tender age my parents helped me study my craft ,and send me to California to attend college at age 18 to get a degree in astrology numerology Reiki healing among other psychic classes . u can not just buy a set of TAROT CARDS AND CALL YOUR SELF A PSYCHIC you will have fun but u might also get scared Tarot cards/ . Ouija Boards are not toys and games they have power. but we all have gifts in are own way . ty foore readind i hope this was helpful your personal Advisor Lillian Rose

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Mon, 22 Oct 2018