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After the full moon

After the full moon

The after full #moon period can last up to 3 days – this is when you may notice a depressed feeling, weirdness coming from those around you, trouble sleeping, etc. I felt it more with the full moon in Sagittarius that we had on 5/29/18!

This is a good time to clear your energy and the energy of your home. You can do this easily with lighting white candles, burning incense or sage, using a salt scrub in the shower, bowls of salt in each room (preferably sea salt or kosher salt), or even opening the window in each room just to let the energy flow return.

I am available to take your call and help you with more ideas of how to get back into your own personal flow :)

Once you try any of the above, you should notice a change in the energy and a sense of balance returning.

Blessings, Pandora

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Thu, 31 May 2018