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 Madame Zee

Fast, Honest & Accurate, Psychic Advisor.

I am a powerful Psychic Tarot Counselor with over 15 years of experience reading for National & International Clients. I give fast, accurate, psychic, & powerful readings with the help of my guides, spirit, & the Goddess. I give insight into what the other person is feeling about you, how they feel about the relationship, & if they are really the perfect match for you. My readings aren't just cookie cutter readings. I dive into the secrets of the Tarot & hidden meanings that I can only see in order to give the TRUE answers to your questions. I have channeled loved ones that have passed over to the other side & they will show up in my readings as messages for my client. Even if the client is unaware of Spirit Communication, I am able to reassure them that they are on the right path. My readings are TRANSFORMATIONAL & INFORMATIVE!! The Spirits and my connection with the Diving help me to give insight to the people who are feeling lonely or who are feeling pain in their heart. As an empath, I am literally able to feel what you and the people around you are feeling. My readings are in-depth, fast and bring clarity, higher knowledge, and powerful insights into the lives of many. I enjoy the feeling of being able to lift one's hopes and give the guidance that they seek. I use the Tarot as an intuitive tool to give the most insightful reading possible. I offer intuitive readings from my guides and serve as a vessel to give you solid, accurate answer to your deepest questions. I am connected to the Divine and she gives me guidance into every aspect of your life. Finances, Love, Thought Patterns, & Passions.

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