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 Magical Maeven

Hello! And welcome to my spiritually connected medium reads.

Hello My name is Meaven and I have been gifted all my life. At the age of 3, I was a full medium able to talk with those who have crossed the veil. By the age of 4, I was a full animal whisperer talking to our farm animals, playing and sleeping with them as much as i could. As I got older, my family thought that those "childish" whims. Now as an adult my gifts are open. I use these gifts to help and guide others.
Gifts I possess: Clairvoyant ~~ The gift of seeing Clairaudient ~~ The gift of hearing, Telepathically ~~ Hear the thoughts of others Empathic ~~ The gift crystal and riki healingo~ Healing and teaching Animal Communicator ~~ domestic and wild Ability to read one's thoughts and feelings at a soul level Ability to predicted most outcomes Ability to predict most timeframes Ability to explain what actions can be taken for a desired outcomes coaching.

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?Abundance? "I am a limitless being, and I can manifest whatever I desire in this physical reality." Always remember that you are part of creation. Universe says yes; the ego says no. In order to have abundance in all areas of your life, you must create the space of receiving and know that you are deserving of anything your heart desires. The more you can release limited thinking and worry, the more open you are to receiving the infinite flow of the Universe. Allow yourself to have fun when manifesting what you want into your life, and enjoy the process. By embracing a positive mindset, you are opening the door to unexpected abundance. It is natural to have abundance in your life, and you must realize that any thoughts of limitedness may have come from either a past life or a life condition you have chosen to overcome. They could also originate from programming you received from the environment that you grew up in and the value systems you were taught when you were young. Now is the time to begin to live with the realization that you are worthy of having abundance in all areas of your life. When you are in the vibration of receiving, you can manifest whatever you desire in this physical reality.

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Great call! Thank you B Ellen for all the information. I will follow up with you soon!

08 January 2019 03:46 AM Faith