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 Psychic Chrissy

Life is what you make it - With God All Things Are Possible

Hello. I am Intuitive Lightworker: Clairvoyant | Clairvoyance | Clairaudience | Remote Viewing. I specialize in Tarot Card Readings mainly. I use my intuitive guides to provide knowledge from my higher-self. I use a direct and honest approach during my sessions. I consider myself a normal person getting through life which allows me to have sympathy for my clients. I do not judge, it's your life, I only answer what I am asked. Disclaimer: I do not provide guidance on the following topics: legal, investments, exchange of securities, personal effects, medical, stocks, or commercial papers, investment and stocks analysis. I do not diagnose diseases nor give guidance on medical treatments. All readings are based on current energies(free will/subconscious mind) nothing is set in stone due to thoughts and emotions. Please do not make serious life choices based on my services.

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I feel like you are weighing your options. You are wanting better. You are wanting to forgive people. People are going to be reconciling with past lovers and friendships. If you have been in conflict it’s time to let it go and forgive and move forward in life. As the week starts, you may be overthinking and having trouble sleeping, you will be having communication from an air/earth sign. This person and you have a lot of emotions lingering from the past. This week you could be spending a lot of money, you could be low on funds and also, could be dealing with 3rd party situations, make sure to think before you act. You may be fearing a change occurring in your life right now as well. As the week ends you’ll be planning on a better future for yourself. I see a lot of impulsive moves, you may have a few distractions in your way. Pay attention to what throws you off your path. Take time to listen to your own intuition. It’s time to step back and tap into your higher-self and find the answers your seeking. You deserved to be loved and you are lovable. You need to work on discipline, being able to be patient and control your actions and thoughts. A small amount of people will be awakening this week to your spiritual gifts.

Advisor Psychic Chrissy's Recent Feedback

Melinda 's avatar.

OMG so I spoke to Chrissy and she told me all about how my BabyDaddy was gonna try to come back and get on my good terms and fake like he cares but then we would be fighting and it would be bad . Chrissy told me that she see he coming back in the form of a message and he would bring money to win me over. The same day all of what she said came true. He knocked on my door and left a letter and a money order it was crazy around 5 weeks after that we fought horribly it was crazy but the truth was the truth and

25 February 2019 03:06 AM Melinda
Moonlight754 's avatar.

I spoke to Psychic Chrissy earlier this month and she said my ex would come back and he did reach out to me. She also told me another POI was seeing someone else besides me and he was! She is very accurate! Chrissy is the only one I trust!

21 February 2019 03:44 PM Moonlight754
Vanessa 's avatar.

Hello I just wanted to leave a review. I had a conversation tonight with Psychic Chrissy and I was blown away with her accuracy. All I gave her was my name and asked about my relationship with no other information given and she was spot on. She definitely was straight to the point and no lagging in the reading, which I love. She affirmly gave me guidance on what I should do and I will take the advice with open arms and adapt to what she has told me. Thank you so much for your guidance and reading I highly r

20 February 2019 03:06 AM Vanessa