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 Madame Calypso

Psychic Medium and Empath. Gain clarity on all areas of life.

Greetings! Madame Calypso is a natural born Empath, Psychic and Truth Seer by use of the Tarot and many other forms of divination. Sun Sign Pisces in the 3rd house of The Goddess and Divination. She has the ability to help you understand any of life's confusions and upsets to gain clarity and peace. Madame Calypso has been divining for over 20 years and is very truthful and honest. With Madame Calypso, you will gain a safe and calm place to seek answers from The Universe, Ancestors, and or Spirit Guides to set you back on path. If you are unsure what you seek, then what you seek is seeking you and she will help you meet. She helps with love, finance, luck, goals and career, and much more! Upon conclusion of your session, she assures you will feel hope, clarity, peace and a boost of self-identity. Your newly claimed personal power will help you go forth in your life with courage and peace to keep obtaining your magnificent, important and loving goals in this life. YOU are a Star and YOU deserve to shine and Madame Calypso will put her heart into helping make your dreams real! If you are ready to empower your life and obtain your divine messages and blessings, then contact Madame Calypso for all of your life’s inquiries. Tarot is a quick deep tool I primarily use to divine, however I am very skilled in many forms and tools of Divination. Especially African Traditional Spirituality. I will not "tell you what you want to hear." I will tell you the truth as I see, feel, hear, and interpret your energy and situation. If you know you are ready to move forward in truth of self and your life, then contact me now!

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Thursday March 28, 2019 Thursday is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is all about expansion, growth, good luck, long distance travel, gambling, showing mercy, speculation, and most of all, increase! Anything you are working on or wishing on today will be maximized to the fullest! So be careful! Or go big or go home! The planetary hours for Jupiter on Thursdays are 1 am and 1pm; and 8am and 8pm. The Tarot Card for today is 5 of Scepters. 5- Numerology: Conflict and change, adventure, freedom, and sensuality. This means today that it's time to reform your business plans. In doing so this will boost very good luck in business! This boost will be for long term business luck and success. Be sure to avoid conflicting budgets, seek adventure and financial freedom. Be sensual and enjoy the beauty of life. Deck: Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot, by C. C. Zain For a complete business reading and increase of finances, call me now!