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 Samurai Goddess


I am a third generation psychic/empath/clairsentient with a strong intuitive sense that can accurately feel what someone is feeling about you, and can give very accurate predictions on how things will plan out regarding relationships, finance, and all other aspects of life. I have been reading for 17 years and have a 95% accuracy rating and I can ease your mind/heart with my insight and psychic ability. I can use tarot as well as my own empathic/intuitive sense to give you the most accurate reading possible.

Cutting cord attachments is also my specialty - every important relationship in our lives creates a "cord" between you and the person - if the person has a lot of negativity attached to them, it can affect you in adverse ways. Cutting a cord does not break the connection between the two of you; it just serves to give you some relief from their negativity.

I am also a medical intuitive - I certainly can't diagnose and treat, but I CAN look into your body and see where the weaknesses are so that you can improve whatever it is by conventional or holistic means. I can tell the state of your health and your immune system as well.

Try me out – you won’t be disappointed!

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I remember vividly a Star Trek episode called "the Empath"...a story of an alien named Gem who had the gift of being able to take another's pain onto herself and heal that person, while she alone carried the illness in her body. I "grew up", and started to experience similar things happening to me, except instead of pulling on other people's illnesses onto myself, I was pulling other people's emotions and feelings onto myself, which caused me to feel like I wasn't myself, if that makes sense. I remember the word "empath", and I started to refer to myself as one as well. Later on, I came across more and more people who acknowledged that they, too, were empaths, and before you know it, more and more information would emerge about it in the form of books, tapes, CDs, seminars, etc, . Now we know that about 20% of the population ARE empaths. SO, what is an empath? An empath is a very sensitive person (some will peg us as overly sensitive) who actually can FEEL the emotions, feelings, and many times, physical symptoms of another person, or persons - so much so that these feelings/symptoms may feel that they are their own, when in reality, these feelings/symptoms belong to someone else. It explains why we may walk into a room, and where before, you may have felt really calm and centered and then all of a sudden, there is anger, or else fear, or even overwhelm. Most empaths are what we call "unskilled", meaning that they have no idea what is happening to them or why. Sometimes we, as empaths, think that there is something wrong with us because we are so overly emotional, when, in fact, that is the way our body/mind/soul/spirit is "wired".....there is nothing wrong with us! BUT.....if an unskilled empath does not know why things like this are happening to them, it can be scary. I am convinced that a lot of people in psychiatric hospitals are just empaths that don't know what is going on in their bodies. But this is NORMAL....I mean, NORMAL FOR US. Empathy is a gift (and yes, sometimes a curse too) but the reason for this special gift is so that we can be the healers of this world....feeling another's pain, once you know who it is that is feeling the actual pain, can help that person heal......but the whole purpose of having this gift is learning HOW TO USE IT. This is my field of expertise....if you feel like what I am describing applies to you, PLEASE call me and let's start to unravel the confusion and fear around this so you can get skilled!!!

Advisor Samurai Goddess's Recent Feedback

Makeeda ismael 's avatar.

Always consistent, thanks

05 August 2018 02:53 AM Makeeda ismael
Sharyn 's avatar.

Again, you never cease to amaze me with your accuracy! Thank you so much again for a wonderful reading!

24 July 2018 12:02 AM Sharyn
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Samuraigoddess is a phenomenal reader - I'm so glad I called her! WILL call again! Thanks!

24 July 2018 12:01 AM Sharyn
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18 July 2018 02:32 AM Laura
Makeeda ismael 's avatar.

Awesome call! Thank you!

12 July 2018 02:48 AM Makeeda ismael