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Advisor Spiritual Wisdom Life Expert 's Feedback

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Faith 's avatar.

Great call! Great insight and predictions. Will wait until April to see if they happen, but thank you. You give me hope!

27 February 2019 04:56 PM ––Faith
Jaunita1 's avatar.

Thank you

19 August 2018 07:54 PM ––Jaunita1
Makeeda ismael 's avatar.

Always honest about what she sees and passionate about her clients. Lots of great info from her as well

04 June 2018 03:29 PM ––Makeeda ismael
Jaunita1 's avatar.

She knew the initials of people involved and certain details without me telling her. Pretty in tune.

01 June 2018 10:05 PM ––Jaunita1
Makeeda ismael 's avatar.

I feel like this woman truly has my back, she goes above and beyond as an adviser. Checking in on me periodically, and giving honest info, even when it's not what I want to hear..she is the true definition of support.thanks

21 May 2018 03:32 PM ––Makeeda ismael
Makeeda ismael 's avatar.

Awesome call! Thank you!

17 May 2018 01:53 AM ––Makeeda ismael
Jaunita1 's avatar.

Seems to be accurate.

14 May 2018 03:13 PM ––Jaunita1
Makeeda ismael 's avatar.

Awesome call! Thank you!

21 April 2018 07:06 AM ––Makeeda ismael
Beca 's avatar.

Thank you so much for your reading. I'm very hopeful. Blessings. I'll call again;)

27 March 2018 02:57 AM ––Beca
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