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Advisor Michael Ozbourne's Feedback

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Jaunita1 's avatar.

Michael is always there and remains positive about his predictions.

09 September 2018 07:46 PM ––Jaunita1
Jaunita1 's avatar.

Said between Aug. 13 and Sep. 13 there is going to be physical contact.

19 August 2018 07:54 PM ––Jaunita1
Jaunita1 's avatar.

Said between Aug. 3rd and Aug. 24 that things would change.

19 August 2018 07:52 PM ––Jaunita1
Jaunita1 's avatar.

Awesome call! Thank you!

19 August 2018 07:51 PM ––Jaunita1
Jaunita1 's avatar.

Michael gives guidance and remains consistent in his predictions.

13 August 2018 05:51 PM ––Jaunita1
Faith 's avatar.

I always enjoy getting updates from Michael! He is quick, to the point and his predictions are always very exact! I am very excited to see them come to fruition!

06 August 2018 03:18 AM ––Faith
Faith 's avatar.

I love to talk with Michael. He is my go to advisor!!

23 July 2018 11:41 PM ––Faith
Faith 's avatar.

Good informative call!

23 July 2018 11:41 PM ––Faith
Laura 's avatar.

blunt and to the point does sugar coat things

21 July 2018 05:50 AM ––Laura
Anna .'s avatar.

Awesome call! Thank you!

19 July 2018 02:15 PM ––Anna .
Faith 's avatar.

Wonderful call full of good insight, guidance and information! I will call back for sure!

19 July 2018 05:55 AM ––Faith
Jaunita1 's avatar.

Michaels timeframe was correct in that the energies merged more positively after seeing POI on the 11th and again on the 16th. He told me between the 12th and 15th that this would occur.

17 July 2018 06:19 PM ––Jaunita1
Jaunita1 's avatar.

July 12-15 for energies to change and July 19-20 something around work to change in my favor.

10 July 2018 05:59 AM ––Jaunita1
Jaunita1 's avatar.

Michael said August 12-15 that it would be a positive time in my favor of something happening. This is a very exact timeframe, I will follow up.

21 June 2018 02:34 AM ––Jaunita1
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Michael says to look for something to change over next two weeks. The reading was difficult to understand and he had to ask to repeat the information throughout the call.

21 June 2018 02:33 AM ––Jaunita1
Sarah 's avatar.

Accurate picked up on the energy completely. Gives good advice and is passionate and confident. He’s a great advisor and gives you strength

19 March 2018 11:00 AM ––Sarah
Roxane 's avatar.

Michael was great to talk too. I will be looking forward to what he says is coming my way. I appreciate his directness.

19 March 2018 01:17 AM ––Roxane
Kim 's avatar.

awesome I would call back he was great

18 March 2018 11:02 PM ––Kim
Jaunita1 's avatar.

02 March 2018 01:10 AM ––Jaunita1
Allee chavarria 's avatar.

One call will convince you, honesty and truth. With just a simple name; Michael was able to explain who I was asking about to the T. Truly Gifted.

01 March 2018 06:28 AM ––Allee chavarria
Faith 's avatar.

Thank you Ruthy - this news is very exciting!! I will have to wait until August to find out. When I have more funds I will be sure to check in with you again before August!

03 February 2018 04:30 AM ––Faith
Hafizullah 's avatar.

Ruthie tuned right in and gave me a clear picture of the sitch I called about. No time wasted on unnecessary background or philosophizing. Great reading, and I'm grateful for the encouragement.

02 February 2018 02:28 AM ––Hafizullah
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