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Advisor 5* Psychic Medium Pamela Rivette's Feedback

- Average of 4.8 out of 5 stars, from 16 customer reviews.
Jaunita1 's avatar.

I had 3 readings since February and all 3 gave different predictions. The predictions didn't manifest and they remain inconsistent. Maybe not for me. Thanks.

05 September 2018 06:49 PM ––Jaunita1
Marz 's avatar.

Awesome call! Thank you!

25 July 2018 10:04 AM ––Marz
Laura 's avatar.

comforting and informative

23 July 2018 06:34 AM ––Laura
Laura 's avatar.

Awesome call! Thank you!

17 July 2018 02:35 PM ––Laura
Kara 's avatar.

Very friendly, easy to talk to, great advice, and incredible insight would recommend to anyone!

05 May 2018 03:01 PM ––Kara
Elizabeth  's avatar.

This was an amazing call. I was brought to tears. To hear certain things about my situation that no one else would know is amazing. I would definitely call back and recommend to others. The compassion during the reading was awesome. Thank you so much for connecting me to Thomas

21 April 2018 07:54 AM ––Elizabeth
Karen 's avatar.

Awesome call! Thank you!

19 March 2018 02:43 AM ––Karen
Maria meza 's avatar.

Great advice. Thank u so much.

22 February 2018 03:43 PM ––Maria meza
Jaunita1 's avatar.

Thank you

20 February 2018 05:03 PM ––Jaunita1
Bianca 's avatar.

Great reading very accurate

18 February 2018 08:11 AM ––Bianca
Molly 's avatar.

She was so spot on. She is the real deal. I’m shocked she Knew so much.

11 February 2018 05:57 PM ––Molly
Dmmac 's avatar.

This was my first time calling and she was amazing and actually right on!! I asked one question and she knew the exact reason for the delays!!! I got chills!! Just awesome!! Thank you so much!!

04 February 2018 05:07 PM ––Dmmac
Hafizullah 's avatar.

Excellent reading, and I wish I'd had the funds to stretch it out and hear more of what she had to say.

02 February 2018 02:51 AM ––Hafizullah
Kim 's avatar.

amazing advisor. would diffntly call back. she was great!!!

02 February 2018 01:55 AM ––Kim
Kim 's avatar.

Thanks for the most accurate reading. You hit nail on past and present occurrences and experiences. Can't wait to see what happens next. You told me something that was going to happen in the very near future and my phone was already ringing before we disconnected......WOW, That Was It!!! Now I am Ready To Go,,,,,,Until Next Time...... Two thumbs up for you!!! Check Pam Out!!

29 January 2018 07:13 PM ––Kim
Shea wilson 's avatar.

I have spoken with her for years and years and she is by far the most accurate psychic I have ever spoken too. Sometimes she gives dates and every time she has they have been dead on accurate. DON'T WASTE TIME WITH OTHER PSYCHICS she is the real deal. One time she was able to locate my lost key, unreal accuracy

29 January 2018 05:51 PM ––Shea wilson
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