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Advisor Pandora's Feedback

- Average of 5 out of 5 stars, from 8 customer reviews.
Faith 's avatar.

Great call! Great positive information. I feel the information she gave me was right on the money without me explaining to her the situation. She is a must call back!

14 January 2019 02:46 AM ––Faith
Jaunita1 's avatar.

The timeframe changed a bit from the last reading but predictions remains. Thanks Pandora

19 August 2018 08:00 PM ––Jaunita1
Jaunita1 's avatar.

October for return. Will update, thanks.

10 July 2018 05:58 AM ––Jaunita1
Sarah 's avatar.

It takes a lot to impress me and Pandora did just that right out of the gate. I felt like she was my best friend and that she knew me intimately. I had a SPECIFIC question and she immediately started telling me things that only my Grandmother (Who she instantly started channeling) would know. She gave me goose flesh and I am so incredibly thankful she shared her gift with me. She is the real deal, indeed and I will be most definitely seeking her guidance in the future. Thank you Pandora, you have give

31 May 2018 06:14 PM ––Sarah
Marylee stein 's avatar.

Another awesome call - thanks, Pandora!

28 May 2018 05:00 PM ––Marylee stein
Marylee stein 's avatar.

Pandora always seems to hit the mark every time in our readings - she is the only advisor I call! Thanks, Pandora!!

28 May 2018 05:00 PM ––Marylee stein
Kara 's avatar.

Spot on with her advice, lots of great insight and overall gave me a sense of calmness and clarity! <3

13 March 2018 07:36 PM ––Kara
Jimod65 's avatar.

Told me exactly what i needed to hear, and there was NO way she could have known what i was asking about but she nailed it.

04 March 2018 07:07 AM ––Jimod65
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